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Procedure for purchasing real estate in Greece

1. European citizens can easily buy real estate properties in Greece. This requires the issuance of a tax number in Greece and ID card/ Passport. Our company manages to run the necessary process for this. The necessary documents are:

  • identity card/ passport
  • birth certificate translated in Greek
  • proof of permanent residence by the municipality – translated in Greek and certified with APOSTILLE.
If the purchaser is obliged to open a Greek bank account, he/she has to submit the tax statement according to the previous year’s income or a proof for wages he/she receives. The cost for issuance of tax number is 50€/person.

2. The legality of the properties is guaranteed, as according to the new laws, documents for the size of property, the building permits and any other changes in the structure and type are required authorized by civil engineer. If anything has to be legalized, it gets done before the final contract and gets charged to the seller. In case of illegal/fake documents by the civil engineers, they lose the right to pursue the profession forever. The same happens with notaries.

3. Our company undertakes the managing of properties with exclusive agreements signed by the sellers. Our colleagues, experienced lawyers, engineers and notaries, guarantee for the legality of papers of these properties. They check in detail the papers during the signing of an exclusive sales agreement with the agency. So, all the information is available for the potential buyers before the purchase. It is important to mention that in case of sale the deposit remains to the agency until the finalizing of the transaction, in order to ensure perfect running of the process. In case of any problem with the papers, the deposit gets returned to the buyer. A private agreement is also signed among seller, buyer and agency with terms and conditions that protect all the parties.

Additional information:

  • The annual property tax is around 3-5€/sq.m - e.g. For a 60sq.m Apartment the annual tax is 180–240€ approximately.
  • The cost of transfer for the property, including the notary fee and land registry fee, is 6% calculated on the taxable value of the property, which is usually lower than the market value. The cost of transfer for every property is estimated by notary and can be provided to the potential buyers.
  • The cost for both water and electrical connections is 40€/month approximately. For new connections, the costs are 248€ for water supply and 450€ for electricity supply (approximately).
  • Our company provides after – sales support completely free for all the purchasers.